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Our projects

L’Assemblée nationale de l’Acadie


The Assemblée nationale de l’Acadie research project (National Assembly of Acadie) was established in 2018 and aims to ensure the continuity of the French life and culture, the strengthening of governance and regional prosperity, as well as the protection and enhancement of the cultural, historical and religious heritage of Acadia.


Sentier de l’Étoile
(under review)

The protection and enhancement of l’Acadie’s natural and cultural environment through the implementation of a long distance hiking trail project connecting the Acadian regions on the east coast of the Maritime Provinces.


Feasibility study
on a heritage site

(under review) 

Acadian Folk Art Bank   (in development)

A project to protect and manage over the long-term a historic building of national importance to l’Acadie.

A project to acquire and conserve high quality Acadian folk art collections and to highlight these collections in public places, educational institutions and heritage sites of importance to Acadia.